Why you need Vitamin C in your diet

It might be summer and the weather may be warmer, but that doesn’t mean you should stop relying on your immune enhancing vitamins, such as Vitamin C, which you’d normally be relying heavily on during the winter months. In particular amidst news of world-wide epidemics of the flu virus or if you travel frequently, doing everything you can to boost your immune system is very wise indeed. Why do you need Vitamin C all year round?
Here’s why… Being an essential vitamin means that Vitamin C cannot be produced by the body, which means we have to find other ways to outsource this vitamin in order to reap the many impressive health benefits it contains. From assisting with lowering your blood pressure, to improving clarity in the mind, the benefits of including vitamin C in your diet are endless.

Scientifically Proven Benefits of Adding a Vitamin C Supplement to Your Diet

• Boosts immunity by assisting white blood cells to function better • Assists in improving clarity in the mind and memory • Helps to prevent iron deficiencies by aiding iron absorption • Fights heart disease risk factors • Assists in keeping blood pressure low • Reduces the risks in chronic diseases

So, what’s the best way to ensure your body is getting enough vitamin c?

Aside from eating Vitamin C rich foods such as spinach, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, oranges and tomatoes, we recommend sipping on our award-winning Jade Palace Immune Enhancing Herbal Tea daily.

Filled with delicious ingredients such as rosehip, Schisandra berry, echinacea, hibiscus, lemongrass, green rooibos and ginger, our immune enhancing formula holds a high Vitamin C content and may assist in preventing the common cold and warding off airborne viruses, all year long.

Rely On Our Award-Winning Immune Enhancing Herbal Tea – Jade Palace

It would be rude if we didn’t mention our Jade Palace Immune Enhancing Herbal Tea which recently won the Bronze Medal at The Golden Leaf Tea Awards during October 2019. Competing against over 300 entries of the highest calibre from across the world, our Jade Palace tea was proudly awarded not only for its taste but unique ingredients, and will be sure to provide you with the Vitamin C intake you need all year round. Simply sip it daily at your desk, at home or on the go, and your body will reap the benefits.

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