Why Dr Marina thinks you need Magnesium

Used by almost every cell in the body, magnesium has been described as the most important mineral to humankind. Common signs of magnesium deficiency include:

- Inflammation
- Migraines
- Anxiety
- Insomnia
- Muscle pain
- Restless legs

Why are so many of us magnesium deficient?

Magnesium deficiency is a problem of the modern era, thanks to changes in our traditional lifestyle and farming practices. There are a number of factors that can lead to magnesium deficiency, some within our control and some not. These include:
- Magnesium-deficient soil used in farming.
- Consumption of processed foods, which can lose magnesium during the refining method.
- Drinking fluoridated water, which banishes magnesium.
- Inefficient stomach digestion and faulty intestinal absorption.
- Impaired ability of the body to absorb magnesium (due to iron supplements, lack of parathyroid hormones or the rate of water consumption, for example).
- Lifestyle habits, including poor diet and lack of exercise.
- Contra-indicative drugs, like the Pill, Insulin or Nicotine.

How can I improve my levels of magnesium?

The best sources of magnesium are leafy green vegetables (such as spinach), pulses (chickpeas, lentils, soybeans), dark chocolate, potatoes, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. Always opt for organic, because as mentioned above, poor farming practices may mean you miss out on the full magnesium content of the produce! However, given most people have trouble reaching their daily magnesium requirements through food alone, supplementation is recommended. That’s why Dr Marina Christov was compelled to create the SOL for the Soul organic magnesium bath salts range. Her experience treating patients with health complaints due to magnesium deficiency made her realise not only the scale of the problem but also that there had to be an easier way to fix it. Our organic magnesium bath salts are an excellent way to boost intake, delivering the important health benefits of this mineral through the skin. As well as making for a luxurious at-home treatment, this topical method of absorption avoids the digestive system, meaning it’s an ideal way to receive magnesium for those with gut problems.

SOL for the Soul uses an exclusive formula of 100 per cent natural, organic magnesium chloride, combined with the highest-grade essential oils and aqua botanicals, to generate an indulgent and relaxing ritual to rid the body of chronic stress, pain and toxins. Available in high strength (ideal for sports recovery) and rose (a softer, fragrant blend suitable even for children), discover the SOL for the Soul collection of organic magnesium bath salts here.

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