Water Cleansing Rituals

purifying, healing, recalibrating…

Water is the giver of life and is essential to existence on this planet. Spiritual disciplines across cultures have long revered water and utilised it for purification and blessing. Through water we are all intimately connected to the wholeness of this life. The spiritual qualities of water may be harnessed in our own lives through ritual. From giving thanks as we drink, to more elaborate ceremonies of purification, water offers us a gateway to the gift of life, transformation, and connection to the divine.

Water, as a spiritual cleanser has been used throughout time dating back as far as 1300BC in ancient times.  Not only does it ease symptoms of illness, it is one of the oldest forms of medical & spiritual treatment.  Soaking in a bath is a form of spiritual cleansing that can be used to clear negative energy and lift one’s spiritual vibration.  Baths can elevate your mood, help you sleep better, soothe muscle pain, burn calories, relieve cold & flu symptoms & calm irritated skin.

In our busy modern world, taking the time to enrich your soul in selfcare rituals is more essential than ever.  When you immerse yourself in a bath ritual, you ease physical pain and help to cleanse and purify the body which in turn, helps expand your emotional awareness and spirit. Creating a bathing ritual regularly will result in cleansing and purifying any spiritual grime that your body and aura are holding onto. When you tap into this you begin to listen to your higher self and trust something outside of your rational mind.  It will allow you to open up to all possibilities and make way for personal transformation in identifying what you believe needs to be changed within yourself to help you heal and grow.

How To Draw The Ultimate Healing Bath

The water temperature should not exceed your own body temperature. While a hot bath feels great, a warm bath is better for your skin and immune system. Add Dr Marina’s Organic Aqua Botanicals Magnesium Salts infused with pure essential oils. Immerse your body in the silk like water but keep your face out of the water to prevent over-heating.

Soak for 10-15 minutes, breathe, relax, enjoy…



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