Luxurious Herbal Tea Blends

New award winning herbal tea blends

We are so excited that the Australian Tea Masters Championships awarded Dr Marina Christov a gold medal for her newly curated functional medicine, to assist in relaxation and sleep formula, ‘The Sweet Surrender’ at the prestigious 2023 Annual Golden Leaf Awards.

Dr Marina also won silver medal for ‘Jade Palace – Immune Defence’ and bronze medal for ‘Sacred Sofia – Blood Strengthening’ and ‘Joie de Vivre – Joyful & Uplifting Infusion’ herbal tea blends.

Influenced by the wisdom of the East and inspired by nature, The House of Life’s tea collection is the epitome of quality and sustainable luxury,

for your body, mind, and soul.

Each tea is uniquely crafted and hand-blended in Melbourne, Australia, to ensure absolute integrity and achieve a tea drinking experience that offers an invitation to the art of healing and mindfulness.

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Jade Palace – Immune Defence Herbal Tea

Refreshingly tart and full-bodied, crimson coloured infusion with a uniquely quenching balance of powerful herbs, aromatic ginger, bilberries and immune boosting roots. This is the perfect herbal formula for young and old. Activate by adding a teaspoon of honey and a fresh slice of lemon, for a deeply cleansing ritual.

Himalayan Sunrise – Digestive Bliss Tea

Premium organic spearmint blended with fragrant lemon myrtle and balanced with medicinal liquorice and fennel, powerfully cleanses, calms and soothes the digestive system. This will become the tea you cannot go without.

Sweet Surrender – Relaxation & Sleep Herbal Tea

Calming botanical and aromatic flowers like lavender and chamomile dance together with the relaxing effects of valerian root.This timeless blend is designed to relax, help you unwind and transport you to a state of blissful surrender.

Sacred Sofia – Blood Strengthening Herbal Tea

Legend has it that the Tibetan saint, yogi, and poet Milarepa (born c.1052 CE) lived on nothing but nettles for the decades he spent in complete meditation. That is how powerful this leading herb is in our blood tonifying herbal formula. Paired with other earthy tonics ,and vibrant saffron this tisane contains a wealth of nutrients to deeply strengthen and nourish the body.

Our Newest Edition

Peaceful Warrior designed to relieve stress.