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Traditional Chinese medicine expert, Dr Marina Christov, shares how you can work with – rather than against – your body clock’s natural rhythms to have the best day possible.

The concept of the ‘the perfect day’ is one we all strive for, but it’s hard to achieve. With so much advice as to when to do what, it can be confusing. Whether it’s knowing how much alcohol to drink , when to have sex, or the best time to sleep – we live in a world of idealised routines.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the advice available, it might be time to take a step back and follow the natural rhythm of your body. Melbourne-based acupuncturist and traditional Chinese medicine expert, Dr Marina Christov, believes in following the cycle of Qi energy and the body’s natural rhythms to optimise wellness, but also to get the most out of your day. Implementing her small changes into your daily routine can make a big difference.

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