Uplift Wellness Box


A soulful ritual of rejuvenation

The perfect energy boost for someone who loves a bit of get up and go! The UPLIFT Soulful Ritual can be performed at any time of day to send a soul into the world feeling revitalized and ready for anything. Also great for those who have been overindulging and need a liver cleanse.

The UPLIFT Soulful Ritual will provide instant rejuvenation and feeling of freshness. A great Saturday morning ritual to start the weekend with positive intent. A great morning ritual to help start the day with great, positive energy and vigour.

  1. Enjoy an invigorating shower with the SOL scrub
  2. Follow this with a nourishing layer of SOL Infinity oil.
  3. After your bathing ritual steep a warm cannister of Cleopatra’s tea to take with you on the day
  4. UPLIFT all souls that you meet!


  • 1 x SOL Awaken Lemon Myrtle Body Scrub
  • 1 x Cleopatra’s Secret Weight Loss Tea


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