The Peaceful Warrior – Stress Relief


Beneficial in dealing with the daily stresses of life and promoting general wellbeing.  A deeply rejuvenating tea tonic that brings adaptogenic support for stress and anxiety.

The latest, powerful herbal tea created by our founder, Dr Marina Christov, comes as a response to the daily stresses of life, highlighted during the Covid pandemic.

This beautifully tasting, elegant formula contains herbs that have scientifically proven adaptogenic benefits.

Due its wide range of actions combining antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and many others, this incredible herbal formula helps the body and the mind to cope with physical, emotional, chemical and infectious stresses and restore physiological and psychological functions to a balanced and healthy state.

The Peaceful Warrior will be your go-to formula, whenever you are feeling overwhelmed and need to return to as state of tranquillity and resilience.

Key ingredients: Holy basil and ashwagandha

How to brew your tea:

Boil fresh water (80°C). Let the tea steep, ideally for 4-5 minutes, to fully unfold its natural flavour and vibrance.


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