Tea Soothes Your Soul Wellness Ritual Box


1 x Jade Palace Immune Enhancing Herbal Tea
1 x Spice of Life Circulation Black Tea
1 x Illuminate Love Your Skin Tea Blend
1 x Raw Honey
1 x Crystal

Dr Marina’s ‘Tea Soothes Your Soul’ Wellness Ritual Box has been curated with a combination of Teas, Honey and a healing Crystal to commence your daily morning ritual.

“The practice of making tea can be meditative. I start each morning by brewing a pot of herbal tea and sitting down and embracing the scents, flavours and feeling of being present. It should be a soothing ritual and set you up for an intuitive day ahead” – Dr. Marina


This box features:

Jade Palace, an immune enhancing herbal tea. It may assist in preventing the common cold and warding off airborne viruses as it holds a high vitamin C content.

Key ingredients include rosehip, echinacea, hibiscus, lemongrass, green rooibos and ginger.

Spice of Life, Circulation Black Tea. This tea is marinated in rum for an extra kick!

Key ingredients include a blend of cinnamon, cloves, black pepper and raisins.

Illuminate, Love Your Skin Tea Blend. A healing blend to calm, hydrate and give you a glowing complexion.

Key ingredients of Organic Calendula, Rooibos & White Lotus Seed

Raw Honey – Enjoy natures nectar of the gods raw honey hand selected from a local supplier

Clear Quartz Crystal – Clear quartz has the powerful ability to clear the mind of negativity and enhance higher spiritual receptiveness. It is one of the most healing crystals as it helps to magnify the healing vibrations of other crystals.

All products are handcrafted and made with love in Melbourne.

The House Of Life Premium Tea Range includes life-enhancing ingredients (organic when possible) sourced from across the globe and include a base of green, black or rooibos leaves, lovingly blended with medicinal herbs for the treatment and prevention of many ailments.

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