Sacred Sofia – Blood Strengthening Herbal Tea


Sacred Sofia was designed to evoke profound strength and nourishment.  The formula is based on blood-building herbs including nettle, an amazing source of plant digestible iron. Created for those who experience anaemia, fatigue and depletion syndromes.  Sacred Sofia provides a variety of nutrients that act as antioxidants and may aid in protecting the liver against damage by toxins,  heavy metals and reducing inflammation.

Feel as strong as a warrior while sipping on this powerful concoction.


Sacred Sofia contains key ingredients to assist with blood-building, detoxification and nourishment. Key ingredients include nettle, dandelion leaf, red dates (Ziziphus jujuba) and dried apricots.  To create an extra nourishing blend, allow Sacred Sofia to steep for 5-10 minutes.  The powerful ingredients such as the red dates become even more nourishing over time.

The House Of Life tea range includes premium ingredients sourced from their country of origin and includes a base of green, black or rooibos leaves, lovingly blended with medicinal herbs for the treatment and prevention of many ailments. This tea contains caffeine.

Enjoy a simple moment of pure pleasure with our extraordinary tea blends.

Boil fresh water (80°C). Let the tea steep, ideally for 2- 3 minutes, to fully unfold its natural flavour. Sit back, take a moment for yourself and enjoy mindfully.


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