Nurture Wellness Box


A restful ritual for grounding and healing the digestive system

Perfect for anyone who’s generous with their energy and forever lavishing their love on others.

The NURTURE Soulful Ritual is the ritual of self-care that we extend to ourselves, allowing a moment of pause, to restore us back to vitality.

The love you give to others is so highly valued. This NURTURE Soulful Ritual is designed to take special care of you and help you to rest and digest.

  1. Find an hour when you can avoid being disturbed
  2. Draw a bath and put three heaped tablespoons of SOL for the Soul Mineralised Soak into the running water.
  3. Create warmth in the room by lighting your candle
  4. Steep the Himalayan Sunrise tea for at least three minutes. Use a heaped tablespoon for each metric cup.
  5. Enjoy your tea in the bath with your organic chocolate


  • 1 x Himalayan Sunrise Digestive Bliss Tea
  • 1 x SOL Aqua Organic Magnesium Bath Salts


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