Illuminate – Love Your Skin Tea Blend


Experience the healing benefits of Organic Calendula, Rooibos, Red Clover & White Lotus Seed for a calm, hydrated and glowing complexion.

Sip mindfully and affirm; “I am beautiful, in every way”.

This blend is incredibly gentle, delicate and soothing.  It is hydrating and cleansing, rich in antioxidants and skin-healing properties.  Enjoy this tea anytime of the day and allow the herbal infusions to cleanse, detoxify and hydrate your body from the inside, out.  Key ingredients for are red clover, calendula and lotus seed.

The House Of Life tea range includes premium ingredients sourced from their country of origin and includes a base of rooibos, lovingly blended with medicinal herbs calendula and red clover for the treatment and prevention of many ailments.

Enjoy a simple moment of pure pleasure with our extraordinary tea blends.

Boil fresh water (80°C). Let the tea steep, ideally for 2- 3 minutes, to fully unfold its natural flavour. Sit back, take a moment for yourself and enjoy mindfully.

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