Traditional Chinese medicine expert, Doctor Marina Christov, shares four meridian points to stimulate when you need an immediate dose of stress relief.

One of the most remarkable things about acupuncture treatment is that it has the impressive capacity to calm an overactive, anxious state and bring about a feeling of calm and equilibrium.

Can acupuncture help to reduce stress?

Yes, in two ways. Firstly, acupuncture recognises that Qi/vitality – or an abundance of free-flowing energy – is our greatest resource. By proactively practicing and enriching this resource, we automatically increase our coping mechanisms to prepare for times of increased stress.

Secondly, acupuncture can down regulate our stress response in the moment by helping by ‘switching off ‘an overactive nervous system and balancing stress hormones as they appear in real time.

Treating anxiety-related tensions through traditional Chinese medicine is a common occurrence these days, due to the pressures of our fast-paced lifestyles. I can confidently state that the majority of all presenting conditions, have stress as a precursor.

Can you do you DIY acupuncture, on yourself?

As far as treatment is concerned, there is no single formula for treating this state, especially since we treat each patient as an individual and consider their particular patterns. However there several acupuncture points that I teach my patients to press, tap or stimulate at home as a ‘self-help’ option.


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