When you’re feeling mentally and physically exhausted, there could be many different causes. Traditional Chinese medicine practitioner Dr Marina Christov explains how taking a closer look at your kidney system, AKA your ‘gateway of vitality’ could be the answer.

As we proceed through our lives, they will continue to bring us ups and downs. The best medicine to cope through it all is a commitment to self-care, and to nourishing the systems in our body that will motivate us to continue to seize the day.

Traditional Chinese Medicine recognises the kidney system as the backbone for all life processes. The kidney dives deep into the emotional and innermost important vital energetic resources of the body, and it ‘rules’ and influences the bones, the ears, our hearing, our reproductive capacity, and our sexual desire. Overall, it is the ‘Gateway to Vitality’; to our inner strength and purpose.

The kidney also governs our willpower, which is akin to a spiritual ‘fire’ that warms, motivates and fuels our life. This is the energy that translates as motivation to complete projects and vitality to be resilient. It manifests through laughter and a sparkle in one’s eyes.

Physically, the kidney ensures that our lower back and knees are pain-free and our spine is strong. Emotionally, it is a state of being that is the opposite of fear.

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