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“Utilise the power of nature as a tool to boost your immune system during the Winter months.”

Herbal Tea

Dr Marina’s Immune Enhancing Herbal Tea has been specifically formulated with organic medicinal herbs to gently and continuously work on keeping the immune system empowered.  The addition of honey and lemon to this beautiful tasting formula will enhance its immune boosting effect.


Manuka Honey
Manuka Honey is the ultimate gift from mother nature.  Raw, untreated, Grade 15+ (mg500) Manuka Honey from the pristine environment of New Zealand is well-known for its powerful anti-bacterial and healing properties.  Drizzle on a slice of warm, crusty sourdough toast or sweeten your herbal tea to soothe a dry, sore throat.

Vitamin C & Zinc
Increase your daily Vitamin C intake by eating fresh, organic seasonal citrus fruits, kiwi fruit, red capsicum, parsley & broccoli.  These foods will help your body to assimilate collagen and strengthen your blood vessel walls.  Zinc plays an important role in maintaining healthy immune function by decreasing T cell function which is a vital white blood cell that helps fight infections.  Although pumpkin seeds & eggs contain zinc, Dr Marina believes that a supplement is necessary to reach the daily requirements.

 Garlic & Ginger
Increasing your intake of Garlic & Ginger not enhances the flavour of your food but it adds a potent anti-bacterial, anti-viral & anti-microbial effect for your body.  This will assist your body in fighting off any bugs you come into contact with.

Try and incorporate a regular 7-9 hours of sleep each night.  It helps rejuvenate your body for the following day and lowers the body’s defences required for fighting off viral infections.

Stay hydrated
During the colder months we require more fluids to combat the drying effect of artificial heating.  The daily intake needs to be at least 8 glasses.

Olive Leaf Extract
A range of powerful antioxidants – zinc, iron & vitamin C, are found in olive leaves and have traditionally been used to help treat and relieve symptoms of cold & flu.  This rich nutrient profile will help to protect the body’s immune system and overall health.

Warm up by making a nutrient dense, nourishing bone-broth soups.  Include essential ingredients such as root vegetables, greens and legumes for a hearty lunch or dinner.

Brisk walking in nature is the best medicine during the colder Winter. Wrap up in a warm scarf and hat and enjoy breathing in the fresh air.  Remember, moderate exercise can help boost your energy levels!

Stress is a part of everyday life but excessive stress can decrease immune function and make your body’s natural immune response sluggish.  Try and incorporate deep breathing, yoga & meditation practices into your daily routine to help stop stressful emotions from taking over.

Enjoy the beauty of Winter with strength and confidence!

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