Dr. Marina Christov’s Immunity Tips

Daily health check! Every morning: Take a deep breath and hold your breath for 10 seconds. If you successfully complete it without coughing, discomfort, a sense of oppression etc then this shows there is no fibrosis in the lungs, indicating no infection. – CV does not resist heat and dies if exposed to a temperature of 27 degrees +\ – Masks are effective as the diameter is about 400-500 nanometres, health professionals need to take further precautions. – On a metal surface CV can survive 12 hours. – CV can live nested in fabrics and clothes for 6-12 hours. – CV only survives on your hands for about 10 minutes. – CV may not show signs of infection for days.

Corona Virus: What we know and how to prevent it? How does it manifest? – Corona Virus (CV) does not cause a dripping nose or catarrhal cough. It’s a dry nose and cough. – CV is first installing itself in the throat, causing inflammation and a dry throat sensation. This symptom can last 3-4 days. – It travels through the humidity present in the airways, down the trachea and installs in the lung, causing pneumonia. This is 5-6 days. – Pneumonia occurs with a high fever and difficult breathing.