Eastern medicine for a Western lifestyle

During your consultation at The House of Life, Dr Marina will develop an intimate understanding of individual health concerns and devise a bespoke approach to help you maximise your potential: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Dr Marina’s area of expertise is to successfully identify energy blockages that are preventing the body from healing itself. Her techniques promote positive change in thoughts, emotions and behavioural patterns to heal various conditions and address lifestyle concerns with safe and effective protocols and herbal medicines.

An Initial Consultation involves taking a complete case history and an assessment of the person’s energy levels and symptoms whilst exploring causes that contribute to any illnesses or disharmony, including an assessment of dietary and lifestyle habits, sleeping patterns, emotional tendencies, genetic predispositions, social and environmental factors.

Options to Suit All

Dr. Marina is fully accredited with major health funds. This allows for private health rebates on your consultation fee. Please check with your individual provider for more details about your eligibility.

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75 minutes: In-depth look at your main complaint from a wholistic perspective.
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60 minutes: The focus is on treatment, in combination with breathing techniques, meditation or dietary recommendations. Call or email to book your appointment today or purchase a Follow-up Consultation Gift Card.





30 minutes: Patients who are under fertility protocols or “maintenance” treatment. Cupping therapy can also be administered as an express treatment. Call or email to book your appointment. *Existing Patients Only.



Popular Treatments


Western medicine explains acupuncture as a method in which pain receptors...


Cupping involves attaching a small glass cup to the skin by creating a vacuum...

Ear Candling

Ear Candling may be used to assist in the treatment of sinus problems, ear aches...

Unsure what’s right for you?

For those who are unsure or hesitant about acupuncture treatment please be assured that Dr. Marina is an expert in her field and is well known for her gentle technique and soothing approach. For help in choosing packages,
products or treatments please contact us.