Confucius Says…

Your Heart is your greatest treasure...

In order for you to have an unforgettably rich life experience, you need to value your emotions as the most important ‘currency’ of your lifetime.
It is not your education;
It is not how much you earn or have saved in your bank account;
It is not the car you drive, or the brands you buy.

Your Emotions are your biggest resource.
This life enhancing currency is often-overlooked and is only in deficit if you choose not to give to it.
The more you share it, the more it grows.
The more you give it; the more abundant you become.
If you know how to cultivate positive emotions and feelings within yourself; you will never lack anything.
Your only task is to remove the obstacles that stand in your way and prevent you from fully expressing love.
Know that by directing your energy towards compassion and kindness you are contributing to all that is good and wholesome in this world.

Rise, as the powerful human beings that you have come here to be.
Dr Marina’s top 7 insights on how to cultivate loving energy
1. Give freely with an open heart, without expectation. Believe that all of your needs will be met.

2. Be a good listener. You don’t necessarily have to ‘fix’ the situation or have all the answers: just allow space for someone to be heard.

3. Reach out and hug somebody! Hugs are fun and are a great way to dissolve the barrier between you and another human being.

4. Show love and kindness to all living creatures, large or small. Appreciate the sacredness of every living being. Do no harm. In the same way you would cherish your family pet, extend that energy to everything with a lifeforce.

5. Lift someone’s spirit. Support them with caring words, thoughtful gestures & believe in them.

6. Listen to music, it is powerful. It holds universal truths that interconnect us all with the emotions of life. It has the capacity to uplift and transport you to a positive space instantaneously! Tune in. Music is a treasure.

7. Spend time near water – being near the ocean you begin to get a sense of the enormity of the energy source. Water soothes the soul, it evokes beauty, power and a sense of calm.

… Be like the water my friends…
Bruce Lee

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