Beat Winter Blues, the TCM Way!

In Chinese medicine, winter is the end of the seasons. It is a time to rest, store physical energy, meditate and refine the spirit. This means we have to become introspective, seeking inner warmth during the cold and darkness.

In doing so, you may become aware of your ‘jing’. This is a deep, congenital essence that is stored in the kidneys and determines our vitality, resistance to disease, and longevity. The amount we are born with depends on our parents, and once we’ve used it all up, life ceases.

In winter, we are prone to jing depletion, so it’s important to nurture and preserve it.

What causes jing loss

1. Stress, fear, insecurity and overwork
2. In women, bearing too many children (especially without adequate recuperation after each birth) and in men, losing too much semen.
3. Food and water toxins, such as alcohol, coffee, tobacco, mercury, lead and aluminium.
4. Overly sweet flavours
5. Excess dietary protein

How to boost jing

The good news is that you can never have ‘too much’ jing! And one of the best ways to make sure your levels are tip-top is to use ginseng. Even its name sounds a bit like jing! Don’t let this herb’s ugly appearance deceive you… it really packs a punch!

Here are just some of ginseng’s benefits:

1. Consolidates energy
2. Invigorates the brain
3. Nourishes vital essence
4. Strengthens sexuality
5. Promotes longevity and rejuvenation
6. Assists with cancer treatment
7. Works as a cardiotonic
8. Encourages relaxation

And how’s this for evidence of ginseng’s power? It sucks up so much of Mother Nature’s nutrients that once it’s been picked out of the earth, no plants will survive in its place!

Experience the magic – keep nourished with ginseng this winter and feel your jing flourish…

Happy hibernating,

Dr Marina xx

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