Harnessing Traditional Chinese Medicine to Combat Seasonal Energy Lows


As autumn blankets Australia with cooler weather and shorter days, many find their energy levels waning. We asked Dr. Marina Christov, an expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Founder of The House of Life, to share her insights on natural methods to enhance and sustain energy levels.

Dr Christov relates this seasonal shift to the Yin aspect of nature—embodying darkness, cold, stillness, and inward reflection. She advocates embracing this natural tendency towards rest and conservation to support the body’s energy reserves and promote overall well-being.

“In our fast-paced, modern world, aligning with the quieter, restorative Yin season is essential for maintaining robust health,” Dr. Christov explains.

According to Dr Christov, the decrease in sunlight exposure during autumn and winter disrupts circadian rhythms, adversely affecting our mood and energy levels. Additional factors contributing to energy depletion include prolonged stress, excessive exposure to technology, and compromised sleep quality. The good news is that we can take proactive measures to counteract this.

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