The human aura consists of the observable and measurable components of the energy field that surrounds and interpenetrates the body.

The human being is not just a physical structure made of molecules, but we, like everything else, are composed of energy fields.  We ebb and flow like the sea.  We, too, are constantly changing.  Instruments have been developed to detect these energy fields related to our bodies and to measure their frequencies.

When the vital field is healthy, there is within it a natural autonomous rhythm, and each organ in the body has its corresponding energetic rhythm in the etheric field.

This vital energy, perceived as a luminous body, was first recorded in the western literature by the Pythagoreans around 500 B.C.  They held that its light could produce a variety of effects in the human organism, including the cure of illness.

The Chinese, in the 3rdmillennium B.C., stipulated the existence of a vital energy which they called Chi or Qi. This Qi contains two polar forces, the yin and the yang.  When the yin and yang are balanced, the living system exhibits physical health; when they are unbalanced, a diseased state result.

Ancient Indian spiritual tradition, over 5,000 years old, speaks of a universal energy called Prana.  This universal energy is seen as the basic constituent and source of all life. Prana, the breath of life, moves through all forms and gives them life.  Yogis practice mindfully manipulating this energy through breathing techniques, meditation and physical exercise to maintain altered states of consciousness and youthfulness.

In Japan, Hiroshi Motoyama has been able to measure low light levels coming from people who have practiced yoga for many years.  He did this work in a darkroom, using a low-light level movie camera.

In 1911, Dr. William Kilner, a medical doctor, reported on his studies of the Human Energy Field as seen through coloured screens and filters.  He described having seen glowing mist around the whole body in three zones: a) a quarter-inch dark layer closest to the skin, surrounded by b) a more vaporous layer an inch-wide streaming perpendicularly from the body, and c) somewhat further out, a delicate exterior luminosity with indefinite contours about 6 inches across.  Kilner found that the appearance of the “aura” (as he called it) differs considerably from subject to subject depending on age, sex, mental ability and health.  Certain diseases showed as patches or irregularities in the aura, which led Kilner to develop a system of diagnosis on the basis of the colour, texture, volume and general appearance of the envelop.  Some diseases he diagnosed in this way were liver infection, tumours, appendicitis, epilepsy and psychological disturbances like hysteria.

At Shanghai Atomic Nuclear Institute of Academia Sinica it was shown that some vital-force emanations from Qigong masters seem to have a low-frequency sound wave that appears as a low-frequency fluctuating carrier wave.  In some cases, Qi was also detected as a microparticle flow. The size of these particles was about 60 microns in diameter and they had a velocity of about 20-50cm/second (or 8-20 inches/second).

Soviet scientists from the Bioinformation Institute of A.S Popow announced the discovery that living organisms emit energy vibrations at a frequency between 300 and 2,000 nanometers.  They called this energy the biofield, or bioplasma.  They found that persons capable of successful bioenergy transfer have a much wider and stronger biofield.

If we define the Human Energy Field as all fields or emanation from the human body, we can see that many well-known components of the HEF have been measured in the laboratory.  These are the electrostatic, magnetic, electromagnetic, sonic, thermal and visual components of the HEF.


Why do our Auras get polluted?

Our auras can get polluted by a range of things including: negative thoughts, other people’s feelings and intentions as well as environmental pollutants.

If you are one who is easily impacted by the energies of others, or identify as an empath; it is vital to understand how to cleanse your energy field.  If you often feel drained and tired just by spending time in the presence of other people, you may be taking on the energies of others without even realising.  When we absorb the emotions and energies of other people, this can affect you in many ways mentally, physically and spiritually.

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