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Dr Marina Christov answers our questions about the tiny take-home acupuncture method that’s reported to help reduce pain, ease insomnia and even aid weight loss.

Acupuncture may be enjoying it’s time in the spotlight at the moment thanks to the likes of goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow and fashion designer Norma Kamali singing its age-defying praises, but the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) method has been used for thousands of years to treat a myriad of health concerns – from pain relief to menopause to IBS.

But there’s little known a take-home, needle-free version of the ancient practise that is gaining cult-like status among Hollywood’s A-list – ear seeds. Penelope Cruz was recently snapped at a film premier in January, sporting the small but distinctive ear accessories, which can reportedly help to reduce stress, offer pain relief, help with insomnia and even aid in weight loss.

Which begged us to ask – what exactly are these tiny beads, and what do they do?

We asked our go-to expert on all things acupuncture and TCM, the Melbourne-based Dr Marina Christov from House of Life to explain the purpose of ear seeds, and how we can all benefit from a little take home acupuncture therapy – or as it’s otherwise known, auriculotherapy.


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