About The House of Life

Our passion is to awaken a deep healing within, to enlighten a soulful way of life…

From the moment you enter The House of Life, you are immersed in a sanctuary of great peace and tranquillity. It is your ultimate safe-haven against the stresses of the outside world, a place where you can be exactly as you are and met without judgement.

Dr Marina’s warm and gentle approach incorporates the powerful benefits of Eastern Medicine for our busy Western lifestyle. Through her signature approach, individuals can experience profound transformation and empowerment on their path to healing and wholeness. Her treatments are tailored to help individuals cultivate a sense of balance, harmony, and emotional resilience, supporting their mental health and coping abilities in the face of life’s challenges.

Dr Marina’s unique method allows every patient the benefit from an individualised treatment plan and comprehensive guidance. Patient’s leave their session feeling aligned, energised and relaxed, as though anything is possible!

In addition to helping her patients with mental health, she loves treating neurological,  hormonal, immune and reproductive system disorders. Her expertise also includes treating pregnancy related conditions and children.

At The House of Life you will find an array of exclusive organic products perfect for enhancing your health and wellbeing. These include Dr Marina’s handcrafted, award-winning, premium teas and luxurious range of magnesium body products, all made in-house. In addition, the highly sough after OM Aura high vibrational spray has provided comfort and relief to thousands who are suffering from anxiety and overwhelm.

Dr. Marina will be delighted to welcome you to The House of Life experience.

As a female-founded and operated business, we strive to make a meaningful impact in our industry and beyond. With resilience and passion, we break barriers, champion inclusivity, creativity and progress while shaping a future
where female leadership thrives.