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About Dr. Marina

With more than 20 years’ experience as a Chinese Medicine doctor, Dr Marina’s wealth of knowledge and wisdom shine through her vibrant personality, embodying more than just a ‘regular’ doctor.

Dr. Marina sees the body as a sophisticated vehicle, and the symptoms as guides that hold vital clues. If interpreted correctly, these clues will lead us to the understanding of why we are not living fully and enthusiastically.

The road to feeling inspired and healthy requires an understanding of what your symptoms really mean, and which road map to use to get back into alignment with yourself.

For the many people who feel lethargic, stuck, lost and full of conscious or unconscious insecurities, frustrations and negative self-sabotaging habits; she will guide you toward clarity, healing and achievement of one’s goals.

Discover how Dr Marina’s approach can expand your mind to the possibilities that lie within.

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Initial Consultation

Book your Initial Consultation at The House of Life with Dr Marina. Dr Marina will develop an intimate understanding of individual health concerns and devise a bespoke approach to help you maximise your potential:
physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.