Influenced by the wisdom of the East and inspired by nature, be immersed in a sanctuary of great peace and tranquillity. At the House of Life, it is your ultimate safe-haven against the stresses of the outside world, a place where you can be exactly as you are and met without judgement.

Welcome to my holistic healthcare practice, where I take a comprehensive approach to your well-being.

When you visit me, I’m not just interested in your symptoms; I want to understand every aspect of your life, from stress levels and past traumas to subconscious beliefs, thought patterns, and lifestyle habits. My consultations offer a holistic 360° overview of your health challenges.

As stress often lies at the heart of many conditions,
I prioritise helping your body clear the pressures wreaking havoc internally .

I want you to feel heard and understood, building a strong patient-practitioner relationship that is essential for your success in my care.

As a holistic practitioner, nothing brings me more satisfaction than seeing my patients thrive. Whether you’re grappling with mental health disorders, infertility issues, hormonal imbalances, chronic pain, emotional overwhelm, or other concerns, I’m here to help you achieve your goals.

In addition to personalised treatments, I’ve curated a range of wellness teas designed to address common complaints seen in my practice.

I have also come to understand the importance of neutralising negative energy and promoting holistic healing beyond our sessions.
That is when “SOL for Soul” was born.

Allow me to introduce you to the incredible realm of healing possibilities.

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Ready to transform your health?

Your health matters, and we are here to help.



75 minutes: In-depth look at your main complaint from a wholistic perspective.





60 minutes: The focus is on treatment, in combination with breathing techniques, meditation or dietary recommendations.



Online Consultation


60 minutes online: Wherever you are in the world, you can now access Dr. Marina’s expertise through our on-line platform. Expect a comprehensive holistic assessment and guidance for all of your health concerns.



Our Most Popular Stress-Relief Formula

A gold award-winning herbal elixir, delicately formulated to provide comfort and resilience amidst the stressful demands of today’s fast-passed lifestyle.

SOL for the SOUL

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What they’re saying…

What an experience. From the moment you walk into The House of Life you are overwhelmed with a feeling of calmness and safety. Dr.Marina was gorgeous. I felt amazing after my acupuncture and the consultation prior was relaxed and engaging. I felt Marina tailored my acupuncture specifically to me and what my body and mind needed. I’ve had two appointments and will definitely be back. Highly recommend!


Visiting The House of Life Clinic brings a sense of calm and grounding, I always feel amazing after my appointment with Dr Marina. Everyone must try her award winning Jade Palace Tea, it's not only delicious it's very good for you! She has also helped my children and we are so grateful to have met her.


I suffered with terrible migraines almost monthly for roughly twenty years, and Dr Marina had resolved these within a fortnight, I do not get migraines anymore. I had tried multiple other treatments and practitioners including western and chinese medicine and nothing worked before this. I highly recommend her for medical and holistic treatment and am so lucky I found her, not only for my migraines but also assisting with all other life niggles.


Dr Marina has changed my life... Her holistic way of practising has made a impact on my overall well being. I would recommend anyone to visit with any sort of issue they may have. So lucky to have experienced her deep understanding of the human body. Thank you 🙂


Best tea ever. I've been using few of their organic tea and I'm so impressed about the results. The sleeping tea is just amazing thanks so much.